Slate has a Health Care Guide

Slate magazine has been so kind to put up a mega links site, with reviews of each, on tracking health care reform.

If you're like me, you gave up on the insanity, are waiting for some bill to at least gel, then go online and read it. You then pray it doesn't change, butchered further by lobbyists, so you can voice your opinion to your representatives to vote yes or no.

If you dare, Kaiser has a spreadsheet of all of the major bills and their features. Of course this is subject to change.

No wonder this topic is a lobbyist pig fest. Who can figure this out to even discover if one of these is a good bill or not?

Slate singles out The Treatment, which for EP readers, you might like. Plenty of stats and graphs.

Another is the Health Care Economist. He dares to add equations into this witches brew.

If you get an epiphany from all of the reading, please come back and share with the rest of the class.

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I am not happy with what is being proposed. I prefer a single-payer system. But, H.R. 3200, seems to be the closest thing to changing a horrible system (not the best).

But it is horrible the amount of disinformation and misinformation that is out there. I got a chain email yesterday from a "friend" who thought I shared the same views. In it were all these total falsehoods about what was in H.R. 3200 such as the gov't wants people to commit euthanasia and eliminate specialists.

What is absolutely sad is that people take this stuff as gospel. Well, if I read it in an email or heard it on TV or read it in a paper it MUST be true. Now, we got these "grassroots" organization that are just fronts for lobbying organizations.

This is indicative of a much larger problem. Did we every have serious critical thinking skills? Or have we been dummied down to the point where we don't question what we are told?

We have been talking a lot the past couple of weeks about how screwed we are. But, when does it sink in and will it ever? I am starting to ramble - I think I will stop now. - Financial Information for the Rest of Us.

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I am moving up my review of Wyden_Bennet Bill.

I am sensing (take with a grain of salt) that Wyden's bill Health Americans Act may be a source of compromise.

I think a trial balloon has been floated via a Ezra Klein column today in WaPo:

Some politicians, however, remain uncowed. Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden has proposed something he calls the Free Choice Act: It would open the exchanges to all Americans and all businesses. It would also let those of us with employer-based insurance take the money our employers are paying for our insurance and use it on the exchange instead. This idea wouldn't take away what anyone has. But it would allow those of us who don't like what we have to change it. More so than any other idea in the health-care debate, it offers a concrete way that reform could benefit the insured. It gives them a way out of a health-care system that is eating through their wages and limiting their choices.

Ezra Klein seems to be backing away from the "public insurance option". - Financial Information for the Rest of Us.

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sounds good

you can see my comments on the beyond belief insanity and in the legislative process, they can take on unread managers amendments which can change an entire bill at the, conferees, which rectify the differences between house and Senate bills after they pass, literally just half a dozen or less reps./Sen. can also completely change a bill after it has passed both houses.

Those spread sheets remind me of "comprehensive" immigration reform, which were loaded to the hilt with corporate lobbyists' agendas.

So, navigating through the noise and finding out the absolute facts of a bill is one Sherlock Holmes nightmare.

Another favorite are amendments which they will not even release in the Congressional record in detail...anywhere.

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"Breaking News" - Health Care Deal reached

You must just laugh out loud because all the headlines are ablaze with "breaking news" that a compromise was reached with "blue dog" Dems on health care...

but of course, guess what, none of the details or specifics will be released.

Are you noticing a pattern where there is a "debate" going on where no one has the actual facts?

It's astounding one can have "news" and "debate" without any specifics.

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