The Stimulus is a Farce - Swank Enterprises

It's a farce, it stinks of politics and big special interests. - Dewey Swank of Kalispell's Swank Enterprises.

Swank is referring to the way Obama's Stimulus Bill is squeezing out national, local and regional businesses in favor of special interest and very large multinational corporations for Stimulus dollars.

Remember how the Stimulus was supposed to create local jobs?

Montana's Billings Gazette has one plain talking, calling it as it is report on Stimulus funds being given to special interests and large multinational corporations. Literally local and smaller firms are squeezed out. They cannot even get in to bid. No wonder our taxpayer money is going offshore to create jobs in.....India and China.

Across the nation, local firms can expect to lose billions of economic stimulus dollars to large multinational corporations, thanks to a government contracting scheme that puts paperwork speed ahead of community recovery.

The government is using a controversial contracting method that speeds bidding but also tilts the playing field in favor of mega-companies. It's called IDIQ contracting, which is shorthand for "indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity," and it's essentially an all-you-can-eat money buffet for big corporations.

An IDIQ is a broad and open-ended agreement, in which the government essentially creates a sort of long-term, all-purpose contract under which specific tasks can later be defined. The scheme moves projects quickly, which is a priority for economic stimulus jobs, but critics argue it's anticompetitive, because only a handful of large firms can afford to engage on such undefined and unrestricted terms.

In Montana, where about $78 million is earmarked for border-station construction, that means Swank and CTA are out, while Parsons Corp., from Pasadena, Calif., is in.

This is the same contracting process that was used in in Iraq, ya know where the U.S. lost billions in corruption, fraud and waste?

The government is blowing off America's local, regional and small businesses claiming that these contract awards are about speed. Are these people kidding me? Paperwork? The Obama administration cannot create a few jobs to help small business with the paper work and speed up the process in order to get funds where they promised?

Who are they kidding? The only speed advantage multinational corporations have, who already proved to fail, fail and fail on results, is how fast they can funnel those funds offshore, rip off the tax payer and not hire Americans to do the work.

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This needs to be posted all over the tubes.

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That's what I said! Using the same damn system as Iraq contractors, unreal!

I've been pounded by so many people that I can't feel anymore

but now those same people are starting to raise an eyebrow.

They are starting to understand that the Feds and large Corps are working hand in hand. That is corporatism and if my history memory serves me...Italy once had it. How well did that work out?

But on a happy note. Three weeks ago I found a gas station that still has the non-ethanol gasoline. I've gotten gas there three times (no place else). My car is running better than it has in a year and I am getting about 15 > 20 percent better gas mileage. Mandate ethanol = use more gas = spend more money = use more gas.

I would imagine since my car is running better it puts out less NOX. Ethanol = water in gas. Ethanol is hydroscopic. Do a net search on fuel pumps and ethanol. Once ethanol was mandated in States mechanics saw an increased failure of fuel pumps.

The banks are giving back Tarp fund money. In three months the banks are solvent again? Half the banks didn't want Tarp funds in the first place. Now that they are giving it back, it isn't going back to the taxpayers. It is going back into the Tarp fund so the Feds now have a large slush fund to play with.

Am I the only one that sees so many failures in government mandates, programs, etc?

Send the current Reps and Dems home.

Sorry it is me ranting again and got a bit off topic.

Kalispell, Montana

I'm not so sure about the source here.

Swank Enterprises just seems to be pissing about getting edged out. As far as I can tell they are a non-union scab contractor.

Since when do you get edged out just because you are

a non-union shop. I have friends that work at non-union shops and they love their jobs. Pay is good, owners are great, etc.

So under the new world rule, in order to competent you must be union? What next.....I must be a certain nationality, sex or color?

You don't get edged

I'm just making a reference to the source.

That area has very strong union ties ... which may be the owners basis for discontent.

Ok misunderstood

Got ya now.

Stimulus & Bailout Foe Swank?

And then along comes Dewey (a.k.a. "Shorty"), hat in hand, asking the state for a $6,000,000 bailout for a mess Swank neglected to cleanup. What a hypocrite.