Supreme Court nominee former Goldman Sachs employee

It's not often that someone gets nominated to the Supreme Court after working for an investment bank that already has far too much influence in Washington.

The White House said Friday that Elena Kagan's membership on an advisory panel for the securities firm Goldman Sachs Group Inc. wouldn't disqualify her for a position on the Supreme Court.

I guess taking over the executive and legislative branches of government weren't enough for Goldman. Now they are going after the judicial.

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You're kidding me!

I was wondering WTF that nomination was all about because she was involved in "Clinton policy".....with this news, we're going to have to dig.

What else do we know?

I ignored it with all of the EU TARP style "shock n awe" redux moves, of course involving our Federal Reserve too.

Just the ultimate. GS has gotten the executive branch, Congress so now they will complete the trio?

Don't think official employee of Goldman Sachs

She was an adviser, which was probably a consultant, so 1099-misc or something vs. a full bore employee. So, that's not an employee of GS. That said, the real issue is what was she advising on?

Didn't they miss, uh, the entire derivatives bomb as well as the residential housing bubble?

She was on Clinton's DPC committee, our bad trade deals committee and she worked on "welfare reform", which has turned out to be a joke in terms of really helping people and also supposedly it was to keep recent immigrants off the roles to stop that magnet and that too is a joke. (sorry but that was one of the claims).

What and why was she nominated? Larry Summers, Dean of Harvard, spinner of some serious economic fiction AND Harvard themselves got burned in the financial meltdown, drinking their own kool-aid (disclaimer, not all economists coming out of Harvard are spin machines, but I have seen some research out of there which anyone with a high school diploma can rip asunder as pure spin and fiction).

and she's dean of Harvard Law school.

Is it my imagination or did Obama simply nominate one of his good pals, one of these "Harvard insiders" aka Larry Summers gang and we got a glorified Robert Rubin nominated to the Supreme court?

She wrote some paper on Presidential/executive power..
so did we get a little take down of the Supreme court by the executive branch through this nomination?

I have no idea but the Clinton DPC position I find more scary than the GS connection.