TechiesTargeted - Twice as likely to lose Jobs by Outsourcing

There is a new study out hinting at some quantifying number of jobs being offshore outsourced. Outsourcing is very hard to get hard data on, simply because Corporations do not want you to know the hard data (for you might demand Congressional Action!).

From the Study abstract:

Despite significant public, media, and academic interest in offshoring, there has been very little data available through which to assess how offshoring has affected US-based information technology workers. In this study, we use data from two new, nationally representative surveys to examine how offshoring has already affected the US based IT workforce, and to test the hypothesis that offshoring is making interpersonal skills more valuable for US-based IT workers.

Our survey results show that 40% of high-technology firms offshore work, and about 30% of all firms that offshore send IT work overseas. Among the IT workers surveyed, about 8% report ever having experienced offshoring-related job displacement, double the average offshoring-related displacement rate across all other worker types, but still implying an annual offshoring-related displacement rate of only about 1-2% per year.

Entire study can be downloaded.

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Salaries Threatened in US and CAN by outsourcing

Natural News also has a well cited article with a list of layoff notices where the jobs are clearly offshore outsourced.

High-Tech Offshoring

The physical manufacturing jobs get "off-sourced" to China. The IT jobs get "off-sourced" to India. Where a job cannot be profitably sent to India, you just claim an H1-B visa and import the Indians.

As a computer network engineer, my pay in the last 10 years has gone from $30/hr to $10/hr - when I'm even called for interview consideration. Why employ a citizen? They cost too much! You can just claim that you can't find an American who will do the work (no lie at $10/hr for 8yrs of school & 8yrs exp). There's no real requirement to prove that you actually tried to hire an American. Just bring in an H1-B visa Indian at $10/hr (no taxes); then tell him at the end of the day that he's working another 5hrs (off clock). If he doesn't like it, then you fire him (he's on the plane back to India when his employment is terminated) and import another "better team player" than the last one.

Eventually, 'globalization' will ensure that their standard of living rises a bit - and the American's falls a lot. Then, we'll have a nice level playing field - when everyone but the business owners have become 'microserfs.' It's worse if your manufacturing job was outsourced: then you have to figure out how to compete against Chinese (Communist slave labor) + transportation costs in order to retain your job. Perhaps if you work for $3/hr you might get some consideration - oh, wait: there's that irritating little Federal minimum wage thing...

America has become so corrupt, it's virtually beyond belief.

There's only one way out for the average American or it'll all end in tears with blood in the streets: If you want to sell it here, then you must make it here. REALLY make it here.

The Empire can't support the rest of the world any more. This is exactly the same thing (a bit more modernized) that caused the Roman Republic to fall into chaos and enter into the Roman Empire: Too many slaves. The illegal immigrants (Mexicans), distant Chinese, and distant/imported Indians are all just economic slaves. The American Roman middle classes are being displaced into poverty - the 'guvmint' had better seriously ramp-up it's "bread & circuses" to keep the sheeple tame...

County fall

America's government is giving people false sense that the politicians are actually going to do much about what is going on. In IT jobs are getting bad. Companies mostly want 20 somethings that live with their parents. Low pay that is just enough for workers to live with their parents and own a car. Then companies wonder why things like Netflix major breakdown happen. Gee do you think that happened due to experienced tech work? A coworker with little experience said to me when I was telling him why I was being careful with data said to me "What happened to you that you are so careful."

I did some work for an account where the Indians did not know what was wrong with their network. They assumed it was the router that my company was contracted to fix. Took a couple of trips to walk them through what was really wrong.

Now I am thinking about a change in career. wondering what I can do that won't be so attacked. Thinking something that I can do as a small company myself. Since IT is always going to have the low ball people doing the work. Is there anything? Use your IT smarts and become self employed! While Indians screw up the systems etc. Someone will need to undo the damage. Unions are being destroyed. Working conditions are being work hard for little money. Might as well do it for yourself. The American Government will not help it. I don't even count on ever seeing heath care for everyone no matter who is president. Corporations have taken over the government. Life will not be the same look at life in the last depression to see where we are headed. This time banks may still be around, but jobs won't be. I hope things won't be as bad as I think they will.

US Founding Father, Ben Franklin and Rome

Ben Franklin said there were basically 3 ways for a national economy to operate.
Still true.

1. War and Plunder, like the conquests of Rome.
(As US tries to militarily gain control of Mideast Oil)

2. Trade, or mercantilism, which is basically stealing.
US oligarchy of world wide corporations, plunder 3rd world resources for capitalist gains.

3. Agriculture, the only honest and real economic growth.
Corporate agriculture and private ownership of engineered food staples will insure the end of independent agriculture, and destroy the last pillar of honesty in the economy.


I would revise #2 to fit the modern situation

Plunder our domestic resources

I would amend #3 to include domestic mfg as well - the most effective and broadest method of shared wealth generation