The unemployment number to watch: 525,000

The unemployment numbers will be released today but analysts are expecting 525,000 jobs lost in December. Yes, you are reading this right, over half a million jobs in one month.

From Bloomberg:

Analysts said the economy is in danger of a reinforcing cycle of rising unemployment and declining household spending, what policy makers call a negative feedback loop, which is difficult to snap once it’s begun

Uh, I think that's the D word masked in some sort of cycle lingo. Same with Recession lasting for years. Economists and Analysts are saying some very serious things are happening without using the dreaded D. I feel like a child at the dinner table with the parents spelling out D-E-P-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N.

Yet with these levels of job losses going on, will we hear anything about manufacturing, bad trade policy? How about canceling all of those Federal and State contracts which gave U.S. jobs to countries overseas? Doesn't it seem like a no brainer that instead of adding another trillion to the deficit that our own government could easily create millions of jobs simply by canceling offshore outsourcing contracts? Is that insane to increase the deficit all the while pouring out U.S. taxpayer funds to pay for workers in other countries while Americans go without jobs?

Nope, we're hearing about tax cuts and cutting Medicare and Social Security.

What to do when one cannot get what needs to be done?

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Concise and pithy - thanks

Why do I not see you on DailyKos? Have you a different user name there?

oh I'm over there

periodically but I'm much more interested in EP and increasing readers/participants here. I also find the quality of discussion and readers here more interesting.

DK is highly partisan, political blog whereas we are strictly economics, not partisan (although obviously a lot of cross over!).

So, our goals are to get everyone, regardless of political flavor to think about econ and base their analysis on actual facts, statistics. I cannot say that about either party where things seemingly get clouded with philosophy. We're about evidence, results, stats, what works but of course our bias is an economy that works for the national interest and most importantly working America's interests.

Yes, No more outsourcing offshore

I agree that we need to stop offshoring our work!! Im sick of it. I still have friends "with" jobs that are having to outsource their own jobs! Bush didnt get it. I dont think Hilda Solis gets it either. She's just a big union/immigrant supporter and we're headed for more trouble with her. She doesnt want to be labor secretary, she wants to make things easier for illegal immigrants who, by the way, lower our standard of living just by working for such a low wage! Is that supposed to be okay??? What do I do with my house? My two cars? Will my kids ever really be able to go to college? I hope Obama gets it.