U.S. Citizens at Day Labor Centers

U.S. citizens are now using day labor centers to get a few hours of work. Bear in mind that U.S. taxpayer dollars were used to build many day labor centers where the pay is often cash under the table and illegal workers are used.

In the latest sign of the Las Vegas Valley’s economic free fall, U.S. citizens are starting to show up in the early mornings outside home improvement stores and plant nurseries across the Las Vegas Valley, jostling with illegal immigrants for a shot at a few hours of work.

Experts say the slow-starting but seemingly inexorable trend is occurring nationwide.

“It’s the equivalent of selling apples in the Great Depression,” said Harley Shaiken, chairman of the Center for Latin American studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

My question is will the various special interest groups and the Hispanic caucus scream holy bloody murder, claim U.S. citizens are stealing jobs from illegal aliens and try to enact legislation to ban U.S. citizens from day labor centers?

h/t/ MTGM.

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U.S. Citizens at Day Labor Centers

Yes, U.S. citizens should not be taking the jobs that they don't want! (And I would not be surprised if what you claim does occurs.)

Time to pay a leetle bit more attention, Kim

Kim, as one of those software pioneering types who worked on some rather complex and fundmanetal code which you, no doubt, take for granted (backbone protocols, landline telephone systems code since ported to cell phones usage, etc., etc.), I -- as many other Americans -- have been finding work at these day labor centers, off-and-on, over at least (for me) the past 10 years, in between the extremely infrequent more technical jobs.

While there is nothing new about this, it certainly doesn't qualify as a "claim" only fact --- which any real American paying attention should be fully aware of by this late date, and by late date I mean --- at the present time when America no longer possesses an actual economy!

That was meant to be "fundamental code"


sarcasm James, sarcasm

My comment was sarcasm at the bottom, just once again trying to point out that labor supply does effect the jobs market as well as wages, which is so often denied and I think Kim is being snide on that as well.

I think Kim's is a reference to John McCain claiming no American was capable of picking lettuce, even for $50/hr...
and we all knew one would have hordes of Americans applying to pick lettuce if the wage was that high.

My sarcasm was the minute anything like this is mentioned, PC newspapers have to a. blast Lou Dobbs b. claim this will rally the "no amnesty" crowd and they never point out the insanity coming from the "we let in the entire world's illegals/migrants or you are a racist xenophobe" crowd.

That sort of thing. The tragedy of this story and if you're doing day labor you know, is it's yet another way to locate cheap labor, paid below minimum wage, underground economy, no benefits etc. I mean it's a major violation of labor law, regardless of citizenship status. Although if I was there, I too would be going for the cash under the table for assuredly too much is taken out of a W2 paycheck paying close to minimum wage in a temp. job.

Day Labor Centers

Contractors intent on illegal help will bypass U.S. citizen workers because they might complain or even go to the law if they are cheated out of wages. No different than workers here on employer dependant visas.

US citizen at day labor centers

Clark County's management has forced steadily employed citizens into day labor. Lack of oversight by Clark County has resulted in waste of our tax dollars.

Ilike to give an example Clark County funds Clark County Courts. The Clark County Courts' workload is up over last year and forecasted to be up 30% next year, according to Chief Judge Thomas Arthur Ritchie, Junior. This statistic is in a vacuum and illogical with correlating statistics:

- Crime is not up 30%
- Clark County population is not up 30%
- Children's population is decreasing
- False warrants are escalating due to a lapse in real time court recording.

Logically and statistically, criminal and civil court actions increase with crime and population. Why is this not true in Clark County?