When you were young, was this article title even imaginable?

Did you ever imagine, when you were young and America was invincible that you would wake up, coffee in hand, and read this title? Asian countries step in to support dollar

Asian central banks intervened heavily in the currency markets on Thursday to slow the slide of the US dollar amid growing concern about the potential impact on the region’s export driven economies.

Anyone else old enough to remember when America was coming to other nation's aid when their currency was tanking?

Financial Times also reports the news of these actions caused an increase in dollar selling.

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But was this a defensive measure on their part.

The quote is:

....growing concern about the potential impact on the region's export driven economies.

They are not coming to our aid but their own export-driven aid.

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pretty much

and their U.S. Treasury holdings, #1 is China, Japan is #2.

I find it disgusting our policy makers as well seem to view Americans only as consumers.

I mean the entire concept that they should be focused on income, Americans as producers I don't even enters their brains.

Currency Manipulation

I know central banks feel it their perogative to "intervene" -- but it makes you wonder what the dollar is really worth. Could it be that their public explanation is one thing, but actual motive is to avoid shocks to the financial system -- smooth out the dollar's slide? A kind of cooperation among the financial elites?
Frank T.

Frank T.

FYI - I was researching Prof. Michael Hudson's writings

because I am interested in his approach and suggestion that what is needed now is massive debt forgiveness in the mortgage market. But then I came across this online:

Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire

This was published in 2003 from what I can tell.

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Do you now how to pull out quotes from PDF's? As well as take image snapshots for graphs? I use foxit reader and the bad thing is one needs to reformat a lot of the text, but you can grab most text out of files. It also has a PDF image capture to easily extract out graphs.

So, if you want to pull out specifics from detailed Academic type papers (always link to the original and cite the author!) this is doable.

There is a host of tools in the admin forum for writing up posts.

But, frankly just a link to something doesn't tell us much on what exactly someone is looking at.

Consider EP the "readers digest" of large economic research papers. We kind of try to pull out the most critical piece of intel so the reader doesn't have to swim through 200+ page documents or 8 hours of video testimony to find the juice.