Why Did Obama Just Nominate a Notorious Outsoucer for Commerce Secretary?

America is screaming for change. They voted for change, they voted for no more offshore outsourcing, displace of U.S. workers with foreign guest workers, modification of trade agreements, improvement for labor, more unions, and to stop the never ending shrinking middle class.

So, what did Obama just nominate one of the most notorious offshore outsourcers in the Senate to be Commerce Secretary?

Alan Tonelson says it best, The Secretary of Outsourcing:

knew that Senator Judd Gregg, the New Hampshire Republican widely reported to be President Obama's leading candidate to head the Commerce Department, was a staunch supporter of outsourcing-focused trade policies. But until I checked his record, I had no idea how staunch. And for how long!

Gregg began representing the Granite State in the Senate in 1993 -- the year NAFTA was approved. He began voting with the outsourcers then and he's continued ever since. Most Favored Nation status for China, WTO membeship for the People's Republic, the Uruguay Round world trade agreement, fast track, CAFTA, free trade with sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean Basin, Vietnam, Peru -- you name it on the outsourcers' agenda, and Gregg has been for it.

To put the icing on cake, he's a major Open Borders proponent, too. The only significant exceptions to this dismal record have been support for County-of-Origin labeling for food products, and for economic sanctions against the brutal military junta in Burma.

If it could get any worse, Gregg also is the #1 corporate lobbyist representative for guest worker Visas!. A guy completely in the pocket of multinational corporations as we can see from this speech at CATO.

Did corporate lobbyists simply get their man? The middle class be damned or even small business in the United States?

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Time is running out on Obama and his...


Time is running out for all of us unless he changes course and shows some balls.

Funny, I don't recall him running on a platform of, 'Business as usual...'

Plus to add insult to this Gregg injury National Propaganda Radio reports there is a deal to appoint a cipher to the Senate instead of a Democrat which might have made some sense.

The next two weeks will tell the tale folks.

'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'

rhetoric vs. policy

I saw this coming in the primaries. One could see it in his economic advisers, any level of in depth policy statements and legislative record.

I think currently the thought is to pressure the Obama administration by public outcry but there is also this insane, "non-debate debate" that keeps reoccurring to not even put the focus on identifying the real problems or determine real solutions.

Tax cuts just as an example. It's clear there is not only a problem with "trickle upon" economics and the more the country is in a recession even less do they work...but most of these policy makers are completely ignoring the global implications of offshore outsourcing, insourcing, China manufacturing, etc. when applying their "solutions"....
if they do not take that into account in their "boost GDP" calculations the theory falls apart.