Will Senator Byron Dorgan put a hold on the Bernanke confirmation?

Below is a 10 minute interview with Senator Byron Dorgan on his impending retirement, (h/t to Firedog Lake).

I’m not going to let the Bernanke nomination to head the Fed for another term go through until he tells, what did he do with our money.

I don't have a tally on all of the holds on the Ben Bernanke confirmation but Dorgan is fighting it and also is obviously for the concept of breaking up financial institutions which pose a systemic risk. He also says he is for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall.

This implies Dorgan might formally introduce a hold on the Bernanke confirmation but rest assured, he's going to raise hell about the Federal Reserve refusing to tell the American people what they did with our money.

Dorgan says his prescription drug bill will save Americans $100 billion dollars a year and he will continue to try to pass it.

I hope others write their Senators to try to gain support for this critical amendment.

Dorgan goes into a lot of denial on why he is retiring (i.e. I just want to do something else after 40 years of public service), as well as best wishes for the Democratic party. Did we expect anything less of Dorgan?

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