Your Kids are Mental, Seriously, We're Harvard, it must be true

Harvard Doctors Failed to Disclose Fees:

Harvard Medical School doctors who helped pioneer the use of psychiatric drugs in children violated U.S. government and school rules by failing to properly disclose at least $3.2 million from drugmakers led by Johnson & Johnson and Eli Lilly & Co., a U.S. senator said.

Joseph Biederman, Timothy Wilens and Thomas Spencer conducted studies on how kids are affected by drugs such as Lilly's attention deficit treatment Strattera. They filed yearly disclosure forms with the Boston school showing they got a total of $120,000 from several drugmakers, Senator Charles Grassley said in the Congressional Record. When Grassley sought added documentation in March, they admitted getting more, he said

When I read this I felt just sick. Here is a top research university taking huge money from Big Pharma and magically conclude kids are mentally ill and it's just a plain good thing that they be given psychiatric drugs.

God Bless Senator Chuck Grassley. I don't know if anyone else notices, but he is out there, and yes he is a Republican, digging up things like this almost weekly.

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