Updated Job Data Analysis - January 2001 to April 2008

Updated jobs analysis: from January 2001 to April 2008, only 3.8 million private-sector jobs -- all accounted for by private health care bureaucracies, bars and restaurants.

Manufacturing lost -3.5 million jobs; more than 1-in-5 Manufacturing jobs were lost in the last 7 ¼ yrs.

Over the period:

Textile Mills lost -57.2% of their jobs;

Apparel manufacturers lost -56.8% of their jobs;

Communications Equipment manufacturers lost -46.9% of their jobs;

Jobs ... Really?

Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with its jobs numbers for April:

Nonfarm payroll employment was little changed in April (-20,000), following job losses that totaled 240,000 in the first 3 months of the year, the bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today. The unemployment rate, at 5.0 percent, also was little changed in April. Employment continued to decline in construction, manufacturing, and retail trade, while jobs were added in health care and in professional and technical services.

Green Collar Jobs

We've heard a few buzz words on the campaign trail about green collar jobs but what exactly is behind the rhetoric?

Green For All is a nonprofit looking to create a green economy not only as a way to stop global warming, but also as a path to economic justice for the economically disadvantaged.

FANTASTIC! A multi-dimensional solution that would:

  • Create New Industry
  • Generate American Jobs
  • Increase US exports
  • Reduce energy imports
  • Reduce Global Warming

US investment initiatives certainly could create a new industry to bring about economic fairness, especially for US domestic diversity.

Alas, there is a hitch.

While these think tanks claim green collar jobs cannot be outsourced, oh my, think again!

"Jobs for Us, Jobs for Our Kids" - a Close Encounter of the Senator Cantwell Kind

You may wonder why congressmen and senators seem to be so out of touch with the reality that middle and lower class Citizens face each and every day. In fact, you may wonder why they seem to completely ignore any message you try to get to them via email, phone calls, or even smoke signals. Nothing seems to work.

From what I observe of Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA), she is a recluse to the middle and lower classes. I have never seen her do a "town hall meeting" like Congressman Jay Inslee frequently does. I also find that when she visits a city within Washington State, she is more likely to be visiting with the Chamber of Commerce than a local labor council.

Jobs Lost for 3rd Consecutive Month

Private sector jobs lost for 3rd consecutive month in February; wages likely again failed to keep up with prices as recession starts to bite.

Today’s BLS jobs report from February should finally put an end to the sucker-hype that has until now continued to deny the recession that likely started in December. The BLS’ downward revisions today to their earlier jobs estimates for December and January are now consistent with virtually all of the previous economic information.

The private sector is now shown to have lost a net of -14,000 jobs in December, lost another -26,000 jobs in January, and lost another -101,000 jobs in February; a total of -141,000 private sector jobs lost over the past three months.

Two Simple Proposals for Restoring Middle Class Market Power

The U.S. jobs market is broken. The causes of the breakdown are readily identifiable, and there are simple cures that would go a long way towards fixing them without undermining the general benefits of a free market. The Shared Economic Growth proposal (explained below and further at would be particularly helpful. As with antitrust enforcement, product safety regulation, and other facilitators of an efficient market, these steps would increase wealth for everyone, but particularly for middle class and working class people, helping our nation to deliver on the promise of the American dream. Further, like those other basic underpinnings of the success of the U.S. economy, they do not require “Big Government” interference, but rather just some simple common sense changes to address basic problems.

Make Sense of out This

While talking heads pile on the cable shows, blogs and discuss identity politics, what about policy?

Only Romney is mentioning outsourcing and his solutions are part of the problem. He also vetoed a MA amendment to stop state jobs from being outsourced. You know the idea that money recycled into local economies stimulates that economy? Not when it comes to real jobs it seems. Although at least he is aware of it, and seemingly the other major candidates, both parties are ignoring the global labor arbitrage agenda and what it is doing to the United States middle class.

Job losses jump in largest 1 week increase since Hurricane Katrina.

Jobs - Good Paying Jobs is What the US really needs To Stimulate The Economy

Can a check for $600 stimulate our economy? Ask anyone what they plan on doing with their $600 check and most will answer "Pay down debt" or "pay the heat bill". No one is planning a vacation, or purchasing an HD television. The economy needs jobs. Good paying jobs. Guest workers on H1B visas need to be sent home. Thank you for your services, but our nation is suffering and we must get our citizens back to work.