financial reform

Paul Volcker on a roll

One must conclude Paul Volcker is so dismayed with what is going on under the guise of financial reform, he's giving speeches to seemingly almost anyone who will listen and print it up.

Firstly we have Volcker says Goldman Sachs Trades Should Not get government protection:

The “safety net” provided by the U.S. government “should not be extended beyond the core commercial-banking business. hey can do trading and do anything they want, but then they shouldn’t have access to the safety net.

White House mulls ending TBTF policy

It's two decades too late, and its far from a done deal, but the days of Too-Big-To-Fail appear to be coming to an end.

(Reuters) - A council that includes the U.S. Treasury Secretary would help set policy for dealing with troubled financial firms under White House plans to deal with the "too big to fail" problem, CNBC television said on Monday citing sources.