Presidential Race

The American Economy On Purgatory Mountain

CBS 60 Minutes profiled one town near Purgatory mountain, Asheboro, North Carolina to show what's really wrong with the U.S. economy. It's not taxes, small government or big government, or even the deficit. The real problem are jobs going offshore, companies treating workers as disposable and the never ending race to the bottom on wages, global labor arbitrage.


The Presidential Candidate Not There

It seems safe to say no one is happy with the Presidential candidate field. Poll after poll shows strong disapproval with government and why not, with inane policies promoted by both sides.
corporate politicians

Tonight is yet more political football with pundit coach potato quarterbacks featured on every cable news channel. It's another Republican debate.

So, why is a GOP candidate, a former Louisiana governor as well as Congressman, now running for President not there?

Because they wouldn't let him.

Buddy Roemer is running for President. Yup, a GOP candidate is talking about China, corruption in politics, trade and jobs. He's even picking up on one of Obama's empty campaign promises, removing corporate tax incentives to offshore outsource your job. Even more promising for broad appeal, it seems Roemer was once a conservative Democrat and switched parties. Hopefully that implies he might actually have an open mind to agenda that adds up by the numbers and makes economic sense, unlike most of the GOP field. Roemer also has a Harvard MBA and unlike Bush, didn't skate, so he might just have a little clue on economic policy that isn't made up by corporate lobbyists.

Presidential Campaign Policy Positions - Buried and Probably Gone

The blogs are full of it. Thousands of bits in cyberspace declaring the Democratic primary is over before it is over, misogynistic rhetoric abounds, talk of somehow this is a great political realignment and if you aren't paying attention you would swear the second coming of Christ is upon us.

There are those of us who actually pay attention to policy positions, who want the new political realignment to be about policy change. Are we really going to get that? Well, frankly I don't think so and this is why.

Firstly, there are 49% of Democratic voters who are having their candidate of choice ripped a new one daily in the main stream press and in the blogs. That's half of all those who voted in the Democratic primary.