The Presidential Candidate Not There

It seems safe to say no one is happy with the Presidential candidate field. Poll after poll shows strong disapproval with government and why not, with inane policies promoted by both sides.
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Tonight is yet more political football with pundit coach potato quarterbacks featured on every cable news channel. It's another Republican debate.

So, why is a GOP candidate, a former Louisiana governor as well as Congressman, now running for President not there?

Because they wouldn't let him.

Buddy Roemer is running for President. Yup, a GOP candidate is talking about China, corruption in politics, trade and jobs. He's even picking up on one of Obama's empty campaign promises, removing corporate tax incentives to offshore outsource your job. Even more promising for broad appeal, it seems Roemer was once a conservative Democrat and switched parties. Hopefully that implies he might actually have an open mind to agenda that adds up by the numbers and makes economic sense, unlike most of the GOP field. Roemer also has a Harvard MBA and unlike Bush, didn't skate, so he might just have a little clue on economic policy that isn't made up by corporate lobbyists.

No surprise then the U.S. Chamber of Commerce funded GOP would try to shut him up and out. Roemer isn't alone. The GOP is doing the same with Ron Paul, our token libertarian. Marginalized and press deprived, it's seems only the corporate donor approved shall be allowed to speak or be acknowledged, regardless of how well they poll.

Check out this CNBC interview where he blasts the corporate tax code rigged to give away American jobs:



Various groups trying to get some sanity in trade policy are already picking up on Roemer and noticed his statement about Obama pushing that corporate lobbyist talking point, retraining:

He thinks that we must spend hundreds of millions of dollars retraining unemployed workers. Retraining them for what? There are no jobs; our jobs are in China.

The Daily Show got into the game and did an interview with Roemer. A Roemer quote from the video below:

They wrote the tax code and they really don’t give a damn about the rest of America.

Ain't that no lie and quite a refreshing change from our usual GOP economic fictional rhetoric.



Roemer is making campaign finance a huge issue in his campaign, and personally only accepting small online campaign contributions.

Pretty incredible huh? We have former Senator, who lost his election, Rick Santorum, who barely registered in GOP Presidential polls getting airtime. Yet someone actually addressing the issues, such as our massive trade deficit and lost jobs, can't get air time, can't get into the national televised Republican debate.

From Roemer's bio:

Buddy Roemer served four terms in the United States Congress from 1981 – 1988 as a conservative Democrat who often broke ranks with his party to vote with President Reagan, and was Louisiana Governor from 1988-1992 as both a Democrat and Republican.



Republican Debate, it's Bernanke Bashing Time!

Good God, they all loved Bernanke when he was helping bail out the banks and now that Bernanke actually has said a few things that make economic sense, namely monetary policy can't fix the jobs crisis and this administration, Congress needs to do something, boy oh boy they are doing a hangin' fruit, hatchet job on him.

Don't people realize both parties are controlled by Goldman Sachs, that Tim Geithner was part of the New York Fed doing bail outs before Treasury, that regardless of party, Bankster bail outs are guaranteed?

The only way ...

The only way Roemer will win in the GOP is if the RNC machine is soundly defeated ... and, come to think of it, that would be a welcome dancing-in-the-streets turn of events!

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(with the DNC soon to follow!)

any politician who speaks any truth is marginalized

That's the power of corporate money in politics.

I happened to flip on the daily show and saw this guy, shocked there was someone in the GOP field speaking some truth.

He needs to get more specific on policies and plans but so far, much better than than all of the rest.

Love your thumbs Okey. ;)

I also figured since EP is a news source, high page rank, easily found in Google and so on, giving this guy just a little more Internet love so people can find him might help level the field.

Candidate Buddy Roemer for fair trade

Thanks for the tip on presidential candidate Buddy Roemer. He seems genuinely concerned with American jobs.

Hadn't heard about Buddy

Hadn't heard about Buddy Roemer until today. I like his message, but will need to do more research on him. At first, the few ideas that I've seen him present are sound ideas that would help our country out greatly. Ron Paul 2012 or maybe Buddy Roemer

Either way! They are helping get a different message out.