Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination, Brazen, Rampant and Impossible to Fight

Check out this Age Discrimination story:

When Ben Sims, 57, showed up earlier this year for a job interview at a company in Richardson, Tex., he noticed the hiring manager — several decades his junior — falter upon spotting him in the lobby.

“Her face actually dropped,” said Mr. Sims, who was dressed in a business suit befitting his 25-year career in human resources at I.B.M.

Later, in her office, after several perfunctory questions, the woman told Mr. Sims she did not believe the job would be “suitable” for him. And barely 10 minutes later, she stood to signal that the interview was over.

How many know this story? Literally, on the phone, assumptions are made about my age and I hear I should talk to "so and so company" for the workers are "all my age".

It's Equal Opportunity, Stupid

Forget arguing wages, economics and trashing the middle class with "free-trade" Republicans and deaf, dumb and blind Democrats. They could care less what happens to us!

Focus on this: The most obvious legal problem with the H-1B/L-1 is that it enables age and racial discrimination. Besides, this is what the Democratic Party has to respond to.