The Effect on Real People When the Economy Collapses - MotherJones

Mother Jones has a very good piece, Desperate Times and Desperate Measures .

One thing Mother Jones is pointing out...the main stream media rarely tally up the suicides of regular folk, or the increase in extreme violence and this implies hypocrisy in American culture. Millionaire suicides over financial distress hit the headlines....but the thousands who are in quiet desperation never get a mention...unless they take along with them at least 3.

labor and manufacturing process for autos

Does anyone know where I can find out about the manufacturing process of each of the automakers? I want to learn, from start to finish, how a car or truck is made by each of the companies. Right now, I'm thinking of visiting several plants, if that is even doable. The reason is I'm doing research for a series I plan on doing for Economic Populist. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Slice 'n Dice HP Wields the Axe Again - 24,600 Fired - 12,300 in the United States

workers on a chopping block
HP wields the axe once again and fires 24,600 employees and at least half, or 12,600 will come from the United States.

Ah, now we know HP lobbies heavily for guest worker Visas, claiming they just cannot find workers in the United States. Let's repeat, just in this latest round of workers to the chopping block, HP is firing 12,600.

The Programmer's Guild notes they are also busy sponsoring green cards for workers, while firing 12,600 in the United States.

TechiesTargeted - Twice as likely to lose Jobs by Outsourcing

There is a new study out hinting at some quantifying number of jobs being offshore outsourced. Outsourcing is very hard to get hard data on, simply because Corporations do not want you to know the hard data (for you might demand Congressional Action!).

From the Study abstract:

Despite significant public, media, and academic interest in offshoring, there has been very little data available through which to assess how offshoring has affected US-based information technology workers. In this study, we use data from two new, nationally representative surveys to examine how offshoring has already affected the US based IT workforce, and to test the hypothesis that offshoring is making interpersonal skills more valuable for US-based IT workers.

India "Showering" Jobs Overseas (that's the United States to them)

I find this article most amusing.
Indian Companies showering jobs overseas

With a dollop of IT companies in India being the best recruiters offering jobs to thousands of professionals are now more interested in offering overseas job opportunities. The main motive behind this is the shortage of skills and in turn better productivity.

Congress Reacts to Soaring Unemployment by Proposing More Foreign Workers


I didn't make up the title, they called it as it is. This article is from Aug. 1st.

Believe it or not, one of these bills, H.R. 2882 was voted out of committee by Democrats and thus will probably be up for a vote on the House floor. Meanwhile in the Senate:

U.S. E-Verify is set to expire in November, and its reauthorization is being blocked by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) who is insisting that the bill include a provision to "recapture" work- and family-based immigration visas dating back to 1992

Beware of the Lame Duck.