Bank Failure Friday - It Never Ends

Boy, if this was Happy Hour we'd all be alcoholics. Every Friday we get another round of bank failures. This week's lucky winners are:

  1. Tifton Banking Company, Tifton, Georgia, $24.6 million
  2. Darby Bank & Trust Co., Vidalia, Georgia, $136.2 million
  3. Copper Star Bank, Scottsdale, Arizona, $43.6 million

Those were banks 14 and 15 in Georgia and the 4th in Arizona. The amounts are what the cost is to the FDIC deposit insurance fund. We now have an entire website devoted to tracking on problem banks.

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another problem bank list

Calculated Risk is maintaining a problem bank list as well, here. The FDIC does not make this list public, so bloggers are putting these together.