Benedict Arnold Senators Refuse to Vote for American Jobs

Our Congress sucks.  I think all will agree with this statement.  That said, is there anyone, anyone at all who is a working stiff in the United States, be they conservative, liberal, green, purple, red, blue who thinks it's a great idea to give tax rebates to corporations when they offshore outsource their job?  Do you think it's just swank when you must train your cheap labor replacement before being fired?  Do you think about increasing corporate profits by using cheap labor when you cannot pay your mortgage because your job was offshore outsourced?

I didn't think so.

No one who works for a living in the United States thinks offshore outsourcing our jobs is a great idea. Yet our Congress, once again, blocked the bill that would help curtail offshore outsourcing. The block was all of the Republican Senators plus these Democrats:

  • Warner (D-VA)
  • Tester (D-MT)
  • Nelson (D-NE)
  • Baucus (D-MT)

Joe Lieberman, now an independent, owned by multinational corporations, acting as a U.S. Chamber of Commerce, demanding their cheap India and China labor, also voted against the bill.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce should be sued for even using the name United States. They represent powerful multinational corporations and almost always lobby against the U.S. worker.  They buy off faux paus economists with fictional white papers trying to claim offshore outsourcing doesn't hurt U.S. labor. Yet anyone on the ground, living in the real world, knows full well it does. Who cares about cheap goods at Walmart when one doesn't even have a paycheck?

Not voting was Lincoln (D-AR). The vote was 53 to 45. All they needed was 7 more votes. Above we have 6 votes where these people should be damned to hell for not voting for this. That leaves one sane Republican to switch.

Chuck Grassley, who frankly should have voted for this, assuming his typical Populist worker positions on H-1B, instead killed it! Grassley does have some good reasons, namely they blocked his amendment giving preference to American workers for jobs in America. Yet still, the corporate tax code could be further modified in later legislation, so why not vote for this bill? I see no validity whatsoever in trying to claim this bill would have hurt U.S. jobs, the reality is it gave a tax holiday to U.S. corporations to move jobs back to America.

So Why? The elections? Sticking it to Obama? Hell no, their corporate masters would not let them!

The bill is S.3816: Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act. The bill is short and a stand alone. It gives a tax holiday for those corporations who move jobs back to America and removes tax incentives for those who offshore outsource. Anyone breathing should realize we have an jobs crisis. We also are projected to lose half a million jobs to China this year alone.

So this vote clearly shows who is for the American middle class and worker and who is controlled by offshore outsourcing special interests. Anyone who reads this site on a regular basis knows we have blasted and ridiculed many a Democrat on many a vote and policy position and assuredly that will continue.

But on this one, this bill, it's no political stunt, these are real people, real jobs against powerful multinational corporations who want to offshore outsource them.



Multinational corporations

Multinational corporations aren't the only ones who breathed a sigh of relief.

This for the Times of India.

"What is surely a relief for entire Indian IT Inc, US Senate successfully blocked the passage of an anti-offshoring bill that would have denied tax breaks to US companies which move jobs overseas." - The Times of India

more on the outsourcing bill

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Benedict Arnold Senators Refuse to Vote for American Jobs

That is example of political corruption at it's best.
Not properly legislating fiscal accounting is the primary reality of our demise. Most of Us have one thing in common, our stomachs are getting empty and it is getting worse, not better. Politicians can't just be "busy" in times of crisis, they must PRODUCE RESULTS.
Unemployed US IT worker, (first time my 34 year career).
1995 to 2005 - 110k to 115K per year
2006 to 2007 - 85K per year
2008 25K - per year
2009 5K - per year (unsustainable at current cost of living)

wow, thank you for sharing income information

That is one hell of a point and I wonder how many STEM/I.T. people have a similar downward income projection. Seems to me, as a general rule, tech people got slammed in the 2000/2002 "recession", aka offshore outsource their jobs agenda and have never recovered. Add this latest recession and it's being kicked to the curb while down.

The problem with gov. stats (of many) is the minute someone isn't working in their career position, regardless of education, training and job history, they are then counted in the new occupation. So, instead of showing the dramatic displacement and income decline of extremely educated professionals, the BLS data shows that person working at home depot in sales. In other words the the displacement and lose income statistics are buried by the way the BLS tabulates occupational employment data.

They count temporary foreign guest workers in their occupational stats too.