Harvard Had It Right on Obama's Economist Larry Summers

Ouch! TPMcafe has a little piece on some Democrats, including one of my personal favs, Peter DeFazio, discussing Obama's economic policy advisers, especially chief economist Larry Summers.

DeFazio deemed it "very unfortunate" that former Clinton economic adviser Larry Summers has claimed a similar hold on Obama's ear. "Harvard had it right," the progressive Democrat quipped -- referring to the Ivy League university's jettisoning of Summers from its presidency in the wake of a scandal over his remarks on women's intellectual abilities.

In case you missed it, Summers claimed chicks can't do math and science because they are chicks. Right o!

We want this guy crafting the United States economy when about half the workforce is a gender he believes cannot do certain things....because they are girls.

Here is another subtle sexist smattering:

But with construction employment in free fall, there will be a need for stimulus tied to the needs of less educated male workers for quite some time.

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Male workers? Less educated Larry? My, my, do you believe that women cannot do construction or magically need jobs less?

Think Progress has more.

Back to econ, to reduce expenditures in areas of known job creation is a dismissal of Keynesian economics. By trying to increase the demand curve in times of deep recession, "trickle up" economics, or "bottom up" economics has been proved to work in times of recession.

This is why the focus is on the most job creating stimulus possible. In addition, it is a long term investment for the United States, to enable the United States economically by having modern, advanced roads, transport, bridges, energy grid and so on, which all business relies upon to operate efficiently.

Many of the most beautiful bridges, parks, etc. in the United States actually are projects from FDR's New Deal massive jobs program (infrastructure spending).

Government expenditures on infrastructure is considered by economist consensus and the CBO to be one of the most effective methods to stimulate the economy.

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