Harvard Had It Right on Obama's Economist Larry Summers

Ouch! TPMcafe has a little piece on some Democrats, including one of my personal favs, Peter DeFazio, discussing Obama's economic policy advisers, especially chief economist Larry Summers.

DeFazio deemed it "very unfortunate" that former Clinton economic adviser Larry Summers has claimed a similar hold on Obama's ear. "Harvard had it right," the progressive Democrat quipped -- referring to the Ivy League university's jettisoning of Summers from its presidency in the wake of a scandal over his remarks on women's intellectual abilities.

In case you missed it, Summers claimed chicks can't do math and science because they are chicks. Right o!

$8 dollars per vote

The two Presidential campaigns have now spent $1 billion dollars.

That's $8 dollars per vote

Doesn't even including the primary season and additional money, this is just Obama and McCain.

Too much to put under the mattress: All the presidential candidates in the 2007-2008 contest took in $1.55 billion, nearly twice the amount collected by candidates in 2004 and three times the amount from 2000. The total includes fundraising for the primaries as well as the general election.

The total is almost the same as what the Federal Trade Commission says food and beverage companies spend in a year marketing their products to children.