Idiotorial - Pure Corporate Propaganda

Will this ever cease? One can debunk these people over and over, yet I guess because corporate lobbyists pay so well, more misinformation gets puked out than fact.

We have yet another idiotorial claiming if one floods the nation with guest workers, immigrants, magically the housing crisis will be solved.

Anyone notice that if the unemployment rate is dropping, magically the US needs more immigration, yet if the unemployment rate is spiking....the US needs more immigration?

Why is that? Because flooding a labor market lowers wages and multinational corporations want the ability to control global migration, again for the purposes of labor arbitrage and the ultimate variable in their hunt around the globe for quick capital manipulation and cost reductions.

Look at this brazen discriminatory statement against Americans.

Most Americans don't want to pick fruit in California or get Ph.Ds in math and science

Hmmm, is that why the rejection rates are sky high for graduate school and Americans are being denied access?

No wonder this woman is listed as one of the top ten people screwing America.

If only there was criminal prosecution for those writing economic fiction.

The evidence of guest workers/immigration being used to displace US workers is enormous, now this corporate propagandist wants to displace the entire IT job market where Americans are baring hanging on.

The bottom line issue is people, and it goes all the way up to 80% and I've seen as high as 92% of all income earners in the United States, simply cannot afford a home, depending up which area of the country you are in.

I mean come on, someone is making $80k in CA and buys a house where the median price is $500k.....with a regular 30 fixed mortgage there is NO WAY that person can afford that house payment.

These people claiming we should have more "immigrants" to increase demand on the housing supply are missing a fundamental bottom line...houses are still way to expensive for most wages to afford in the United States and increasing the labor supply when corporations are laying people off right and left will only make that situation worse.

Then, this magic claim that immigration does not lower wages is pure fiction. It has, it always lowered wages for natives (the people living here already), including PhDs, all other elements being static. Considering we're going to have double digit unemployment soon, flooding the nation with immigrants is pure irresponsibility and even then, would not fix the housing crisis because.....people cannot afford those house payments on these salaries and wages. There will be absolutely no sudden spike in labor demand...
so pouring "immigrants" onto the job market is like pouring gasoline on a fire to burn the economy.

There is another issue with housing in that a mortgage is typically 30 years.....with treating people as disposable workers, plus expecting them to pick up and migrate constantly.....creates economic instability with workers as you might be able to afford that payment for 5 years, even 10 years...but 30's much more risky because careers, jobs, long term employment has become unstable and insecure.

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Furchtgott-Roth on Bush's Council of Economic Advisers

Posted by AmericanGypsie | 10/21/08 07:41 AM EDT
California's subprime mess was partially caused by illegal alien mortgages.

So, replace more American citizens by cheap foreign labor and see if it helps.

Furchtgott-Roth is one of the brainiacs who got us in this economic disaster. She and her husband are members of the Hudson Institute who planned the current chaos. From 2001 to 2003 Diana was chief of staff and special adviser at the President Bushâ??s Council of Economic Advisers.

One of their partners, Benedict Roth's current focus is on the management of credit risk arising from derivative contracts.
Need I say more?
Are you in favor of more of this treason?
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