if you search on it, it will come?

Seriously. Here is a Google trends report on unemployment statistics.

Google trends is the frequency and amounts of particular search terms in Google. Aha, so what people search for now is.

Anybody else see an issue here, namely search terms do not necessarily mean the truth of someone looking for a job or how to file for unemployment?

It's too "what people believe" vs. what is really happening on the ground and most importantly, search words put into Google are assuredly not established as an economic indicator.

Yet, Larry Summers literally quoted Google Trends, claiming the economy is no longer in free fall simply because people stopped searching on economic depression.

Wouldn't have anything to do with say documentaries on TV or maybe a herd of cable TV pundits and radio talk show hosts, maybe a few books came out on Economic Depression, or say many were analyzing the Great Depression due to the similarities to the housing crisis...

Nah, it's all out of sight, out of mind. Got it. Can I tell my bank that when my check bounces?

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