Outsourcing National Security

There is a storm brewing in that billions of US taxpayer money are being offshore outsourced to build critical national defense technology and Congress is feigning outrage on it.

Sen. Murrary:

Mr. President, last Friday, I stood on the floor of the 767 line with workers in Everett, Washington, who put their heart and soul into making Boeing airplanes. I was there as those workers learned that after 50 years the Air Force no longer wants them to build its refueling tankers.
I saw the dismay in their eyes as they learned that their government is going to outsource one of the largest defense contracts in history – to the French company Airbus. It was devastating news for Boeing, for American workers, and for America’s men and women in uniform

More claiming EADS/Northrup Grumman is a superior design.

The real issue here is the outsourcing of US jobs, US technology. This contract will offshore outsourcing 50,0000 jobs, offshore outsource secret, critical technology and only provide 2,000 jobs within the US.

On the other hand, Boeing isn't exactly together on design and is also already outsourcing itself.

On the other hand, Airbus has massive EU government subsidies and the US is about to file an unfair trade practice case against them via the WTO.

I would have to say that Boeing should get their shit together on overall design but the jobs should certainly stay in the United States.

If you side with the people who need those jobs, Rep. Tiahrt (R-KS) has a petition on his website.

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