Rep. Marcy Kaptur Launches Campaign for House Leadership Vice-Chair of Dem. Caucus

Update: Kaptur lost.

Becerra was the only member of the Democratic leadership who faced a vote of the entire caucus. He won in a 175-67 vote over Kaptur, who mounted a late challenge and attempted to appeal to centrist and conservative Democrats who had voiced concern about the liberal tilt of the new leadership team.

Kaptur said that her support came from a “broad–based coalition from the whole fly-over-state part of the country.”

Kaptur — who is a member of the liberal-leaning Progressive Caucus — ran on a geography platform, handing out small maps of the country with blue flags planted in Connecticut, Maryland, South Carolina and California and asking for her colleagues to “[Bring] the Heartland to Leadership.”

So much for Progressives and Populists getting a voice.

The Hill is reporting that:

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, a fierce critic of free trade policies, has mounted a campaign for vice-chairwoman of the Democratic Caucus

This is great news for people who want major reforms on trade, economic and labor policy.

Kaptur was outspoken on the bail out, has a reasonably good track record on H-1B and is well known to be wanting new trade policies.

For more information on House leadership, Source Watch article.

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This is very good.

Kaptur has an excellent record on trade issues, and is from Ohio. Getting her in this slot would be a good way to raise the salience of issues facing people in the industrial Midwest, which are often overlooked in favor of social issues.

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I don't know her every position

but as far as I can tell this would be the first Progressive-Populist to obtain real leadership.

I think we should promote her.

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...she would be a big improvement over any PeLousy Dem and this is how you really create change.

By replacing the sellouts with real progressives. Sends a message don' ya know.

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'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'


I have listened to Kaptur in several hearings and she, along with DeLauro, are among the only voices representing sanity. Kaptur keeps putting supporting documentation on the record, not just hot air.


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