Retail Sales - July 2010

Retail sales increased 0.4% for July 2010. The increase was due to auto sales & parts, up 1.7% for the month, and gas sales, up 2.3% for July.



For the year, retail sales have increased 5.5%.

The below graph is retail sales excluding autos, with minus autos & parts, retail sales increased 0.2%.



The below graph is retail trade sales monthly change, minus food sales.



For the past three months, as an average, retail sales are -0.2% lower than the previous three months.

While the press seems to think this report is some god awful news, retail sales did turn positive in comparison to last month's report.

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retail sales released yesterday

and I personally didn't think it was that important, so I didn't pull up the graphs and post.

But the press sure seems to think this report is some news we didn't expect and why I sure don't know, retail sales have shown weakness for months now and the PCE also was adjusted down.

Anyway, that's why I posted it, so you could get a data reality check.

It seems every day the financial press picks some topic, almost like a roulette wheel to "explain" the movements in the market.

Anyone else believe for the most part, the stock market price fluctuations are divorced from main street economic reality?