SEIU Dissent, Infighting

SEIU Leaders Face Criticism

one of the union’s biggest locals has begun a public war with Mr. Stern, accusing him of having a “growth at any cost” mentality that has shortchanged union members

and further

That official, Sal Rosselli, whose local represents 140,000 health care workers in California, says Mr. Stern has made too many concessions on benefits and working conditions in persuading employers to agree not to fight unionization drives. The union has organized hundreds of facilities and grown membership to 1.9 million.
“An overly zealous focus on growth — growth at any cost, apparently — has eclipsed S.E.I.U.’s commitment to its members,” Mr. Rosselli wrote in a letter to Mr. Stern. Mr. Rosselli complained that Mr. Stern had had top officials negotiate deals with national health care corporations, depriving rank-and-file workers of adequate say in their contracts. In December, Mr. Rosselli quit as president of the union’s 600,000-member state council in California after he grew convinced that Mr. Stern wanted to push him out.
Mr. Rosselli is vowing a major fight at the union’s convention in June in Puerto Rico, saying he wants to end what he calls Mr. Stern’s top-down style. He resigned from the union’s executive board this month to protest what he said were Mr. Stern’s heavy-handed, undemocratic methods, including the merger of several union locals in California

About time! and we all know what "at the cost of union members" means, guest worker Visas, illegal workers.

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