United Auto Workers - Stop GM-Chrysler Deal

I personally would not want to see anything that would result in a consolidation. That would mean the elimination of additional jobs," Gettelfinger said on a political webcast run by WWJ-AM in Detroit

From an interview.

He also is predicting growth in unions.

From a local Indiana station, they interviewed workers and one can see the main issue as to why people are not buying cars:

We haven't committed to buying a car yet because we don't know where the economy is going to be and we don't know if the finances are going to hold out to buy a new car

Remember the old adage where Henry Ford knew he had to pay his workers enough to afford the products they were making?

Seemingly this lesson remains unlearned.

When Chrysler was put into private equity, the UAW made absurd labor consessions only to have over 25,000 layoffs follow.

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