uprising saw Sirota in Chicago

I'm concerned that Obama hasn't publicly come out in support of Durbin's S. 1035, which is a first attempt to reform the H-1B and L-1 visa programs.

I heard David Sirota do a Q & A about his book, "Uprising". He isn't as sanguine about Obama. He describes Obama as more of an "empty vessel", that really needs to have pressure applied by the progressives. I found this analysis compelling; it certainly seems to be as good an explanation to we we've observed so far about Obama and his campaign.

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That's what others are saying

And certainly trying to get Obama to move to more middle class focused policy is a worthy effort.

Myself, I believe that if one gets enough true Progressives and Populists into Congress, well, they write the bills and they vote on the bills, that might be the real power to obtain more policy, legislation that is in the interests of most of America. American workers, US middle class, your "average joe" who doesn't have $5B dollars to influence policy.

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That's what others are saying

I agree, getting more progressives / populists is the key. I will quite contently vote for Nader. I am however less convinced an Obama will be so much better than a McCain.

My feelings are with a McCain there will be a larger Democratic landslide, and more importantly they will be populist leaning. My fear is with an Obama win the force of populist leaning Dems will be greatly diluted.

I do not think Obama is as much of an empty vessel as some argue. Especially along economic issues he has surrounded himself by the Chicago school for some time. So, why he may be an empty vessel on civil rights, abortion, gun rights, I think he has a pretty consistent world view in the economic realm.

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Obama Enron Loophole

Obama - Enron Loophole.

Well, this is certainly a welcome message considering the last week.

My own concern is that they really shut it down versus the current legislation they had which would have affected just 1% of all futures commodity trading in energy.

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Sirota is Probably Correct About Obama

So where does that leave us?

Obama has got to be better than McCain.

Remember, the Democratic party has a larger, but less loyal, base than the Republicans.  I'm a life-long Democrat who talks frequntly to my congressman.  I can pass on this election altogether.  I can support Nader.  If we make enough noise, they will listen. 

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I'm voting for Nader for exactly that reason.

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My attitude towards all of this is the situation a matter of least objectionable candidate and the race close or not. I assuredly agree with 3rd party candidates that the two parties lock them out completely so this ends up being a choice of corporate/super rich/special interest agenda with a woman's choice or without so often.

I can tell you what the Clintonistas strategy is. That's to vote McCain and since he's just a disaster plus 71, that will open the window for a Dem in 2012 certainly. They don't want 8 years of Obama plus they are royally pissed, especially regarding the sexism.

Myself, I think we should try to find some worthy Congressional candidates and try to help their campaign by volunteering and blogging about them.

We did manage to get some very good people into Congress in '06, the problem is they do not have seniority and are assuredly not in the majority.

I'll say something sacrilege on here now, since the world is so partisan, but Chuck Grassley, Iowa Senator who is a Republican has been Professional workers best friend for some time now and sometimes literally by himself. Because of people like him, I'm not so willing to swear alliance to vote Democratic like a zombie.

In terms of overall positions, policy, Nader has represented pretty much most of my views for a long time. I don't know why he gets so much shit when if Al Gore had not been so DLC, so "WTO", it wouldn't have been even close.

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AFL-CIO endorses Obama

No surprise really but I sure as hell hope they get something for their money this time. Endorsing a corporate agenda and pouring money into a candidate who turns around and sets up policy that hurts US workers is getting very old.

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