Robert Rubin

The Latest Implausible Denials from the Con Men of Wall Street

Yet another hearing, yet more denials and refusal to accept any responsibility in the Financial crisis.

I'm sick to death of this frankly and say, put them in jail and be done with it. If one cannot put them in jail, pass laws to do so with ease and be done with it.

I also propose bloggers put together a financial reform bill, all publish it on their blogs, and demand Congress pass it. It seems every one monitoring these events knows exactly what to do (including break up the big banks), except our Government.

Seriously, is anyone else sick to death of Congressional continual pussy footin' around? An admonishment here, a scolding there, in some obscure hearing on capital hill? No consequences, no concrete changes in law, no real action. All hat, no cattle, pomp and circumstance.

With that, Dylan Ratigan did a segment, which sums up what's really going on with financial reform.

The problem with Obama's Economics Team

Rotwang nails it:  

. . . the sensible leader collects some diversity of advice. There is no intellectual diversity in the Obama White House. The left brain of the party is missing. As smart as Obama is, he cannot personally supply the 'Team B' expertise he will need in economics, finance, and other matters not found in law school curricula.