GM Using Bail Out Money to Invest in Brazil?

Update: The quoted paper is the Latin American Herald Tribune. But there is a comment left by a supposed GM representative here which I highlight:

GM is NOT using U.S. Government Loans to Invest in Brazil

Re: Robert Oak's post on 1/19/09, "GM using Bail Out Money to Invest in Brazil"...The claims that General Motors is planning to invest $1 billion of U.S. federal aid money in its Brazilian operations is unequivocally wrong and without any basis in fact. No monies from a U.S. government loan would be allocated to investments in Brazil. In the case of Brazil, GM has $1 billion in investments that have been announced over the last two years. These investments are fully financed by GM's Brazilian operations through local sources. GM's operations in Brazil are fully self-funded.

Laura Toole
GM Latin America, Africa, Middle East Communications