U.S. puts 148% anti-dumping duty on Chinese Steel Grating

A little good news. The United States put a reliminary anti-dumping duties of up to 145.18% on steel grating and also put a 10-16% anti-dumping duty on Chinese steel pipe.

Recall the Bush administration didn't lift a damn finger on China's dumping practices.

The United States imported about $91 million worth of the product from China in 2008. Steel grating is used in industrial floors, docks, ramps, drainage covers, staircases and other applications.

The trade case is one of about a dozen brought by U.S. companies in 2009 against Chinese-made goods that they said have benefited from government subsidies or are being sold in the United States at less than fair value.

The Commerce Department said it set a preliminary anti-dumping duty of 14.36 percent on four Chinese producers or exporters in the steel grating investigations.

Some Action on China - US Launches WTO Complaint

Shocks of all shocks, the USTR is filing a complaint, along with the EU, against China for trying to hang onto the raw materials which make steel in order to boost their own production.

We are going to the WTO today to enforce our rights, so we can provide American manufacturers with a fair competitive environment and put more American workers back on the job," Ambassador Kirk said. "China is a leading global producer and exporter of the raw materials in question, and access to these materials is critical for U.S. industrial manufacturers. The United States is very concerned that China appears to be restricting the exports of these materials for the benefit of their domestic industries, despite strong WTO rules designed to discipline export restraints.

Another reason to Buy American - Radioactive Steel

An interesting report is coming from Germany. Their steel is coming up radioactive.

German authorities in recent months have found a disturbingly large amount of radioactive steel in factories across the country. Much of the contaminated metal is thought to have originated in India.

Think we're having problems with quality control on just food?