Boeing Strike Partially Settled, Looks Like Union Lost on Outsourcing

Boeing Works Deal with Machinists but it appears that Engineers and Techies Might Strike.

on the heels of a tentative agreement to settle a strike with its machinists, immediately faces contract negotiations with its engineer and technical workers union, an effort promising to be just as heated and contentious as the one that prompted the machinists to walk out for seven weeks

And on outsourcing:

For Boeing's part, the manufacturer said it was able to retain flexibility to manage its business, a hint to its increased reliance on outsourcing. It was also able to secure a longer-term contract than in prior years, crucial for a company with a poor record of suffering production halts during labor-contract negotiations.

GM tries to replace ALL US workers with cheaper labor

GM tries to replace ALL Union workers

GM offers buyouts to 74,000
Auto giant aims to replace much of U.S. workforce with lower-paid new hires, dangling $140,000 buyouts to UAW members to stem North American losses

In an effort to shave ongoing losses, General Motors offered lucrative buyouts Tuesday to 74,000 employees - its entire U.S. hourly workforce.
The nation's largest automaker announced the latest round of buyouts as it reported another loss on its core auto operations in the fourth quarter, which combined with charges taken earlier in the year left GM (GM, Fortune 500) with a company-record $38.7 billion net loss for 2007.
To try to stem automotive losses that have dogged the company since 2005, the company is making a range of offers, up to cash payments of $140,000 to the remaining 74,000 GM workers represented by the United Auto Workers union.