The Majority of New Jobs are Not Part-Time

There are a host of claims out there on part-time work, including this one which claims 96% of all jobs in 2013 are part-time.  Is this really true?  There is no doubt people forced into part-time hours for economic reasons has dramatically increased, as we show every month in our unemployment overview and reproduce below.

People Would Could Only Get Part-Time Jobs Decreased -4.38% in December 2011

December's unemployment report had a little indicator of better news. A recession indicator, those forced into part-time hours due to slack economic conditions just plummeted. Overall, people being forced into part-time jobs declined by 371,000 in a month, to a tally of 8,098,000 people.

Good for Him?

A Jet Blue flight attendant, lost it, cussed out the plane and slid down the emergency shoot.

On Monday, on the tarmac at Kennedy International Airport, a JetBlue attendant named Steven Slater decided he had had enough, the authorities said.

BoA Tells Investors to Bail Out of China Due To No More Slave Labor

Bank Of America, you know that corporation based in the United States, land of the free, home of the brave, is telling investors to sell because wages in China might have to rise.

Investors should sell shares of Chinese cement and metal companies as increases in labor costs will curb capital spending in those industries, according to BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research.

Seven Chinese provinces raised minimum wages in the first quarter after halting them last year amid the global recession, according to the Labor Ministry. Higher salaries may deter foreign investment in China, which has been a low-cost manufacturing base.

Astounding huh? The Yuan is still undervalued ranging up to 40%, yet the minute Chinese workers get anywhere with wages, investors should pull out.

Chinese Honda workers managed to get a 30% wage increase and 30 states increased the minimum wage by 15%. This amounts to $23.5 a month. That's a cocktail to investors. Suck it up!

I guess BoA just wants workers to continue committing suicide so as to not disturb ROI:

A tale of two continents - Europe Helps Workers, U.S. Squeezes Workers

From Open Left, one commentator put it succinctly:

A tale of two continents
In Europe, state aid is contingent on the firms preserving jobs. In the US, state aid is contingent on the firms cutting their workers wages and benefits.

The story is about government expenditures being used for the benefit of it's citizens, their workers.


France unveiled a plan on Monday to give €6 billion ($7.8 billion) in low-interest loans to Renault SA and PSA Peugeot-Citroën in exchange for promises that they won't close factories in France or lay off workers for the duration of the loans. The government also will offer €500 million in loans to auto-sector firms with operations in France.

We Don't Need no Stinkin' Single Payer Health Care?

59% of all Companies Planning on Dumping Health Costs onto Workers in 2009

Only in America. Literally!    A new survey says:

Fifty-nine percent of companies intend to keep down rising health-care costs in 2009 by raising workers' deductibles, copays or out-of-pocket spending limits, according to a survey by the Mercer consulting firm

More alarming statistics. A 5.7% increase in costs, last year was 6% and the deductibles have doubled.  Think it has to be this way?  Just look outside the United States.   OECD compares health care costs of nations as percentage of GDP.

OECD Health Exp GDP 2006