Buying the Government

On the next episode of your corporate sponsored Democratic convention...soon to be revealed, the VP sweepstakes!

Who is the last survivor? Who will be the chosen one?

I don't know about anyone else but this absurd media hype suspense on the VP picks is like a bad version of Survivor show and ya know, don't worry, be happy, it's only the next possible Presidential administration. Ya know that thing called government supposedly going to manage the United States.

On that note, Public Citizen has a call to action on how the Democratic National Convention is a corporate pig fest, with millions in advertising, freebies and most importantly access to our supposed representatives.

Every four years, corporations and other major donors exploit a loophole in campaign finance law and give millions to sponsor the national party conventions. During the conventions, they throw lavish parties for our representatives in Congress, making sure their interests are heard loud and clear.

They don’t do this for nothing. In return for mega-donations, host committees for both parties offer corporations and other donors prime advertising space at the convention and exclusive access to influential politicians. The greater the contribution, the greater the advertising and access opportunities.

It's so bad, they have an action item and a video:

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Democratic Convention brought to you by Cisco Systems

I just saw this on CNN. Great. So, Cisco Systems is sponsoring a major political party? Ah, so we get Cisco Systems economic plan? Ya know, the company which said they want to become a Chinese company. God, we are so screwed.

Lobbyist parties at the DNC

kos wrote this diary and the thing to note is the increasing percentage of Democrats getting lobbyist money.

Jane Hamsher wrote up quite a piece too

Different sides of the same coin. I don't know how we take this money system down.

arrested, wow

They arrested a major news reporter trying to cover a private meeting.

Click on the Kos article too. At least the major blogs who are political Democratic party supporters are writing about what's going on.

That is the real story.