Economic Espionage Trial in U.S.

Finally a prosecution of industrial espionage in the United States.

A Chinese-born engineer stole trade secrets critical to the U.S. space program and passed them to China for three decades without detection, prosecutors said Tuesday in the first economic espionage case to reach trial in the United States.

Prosecutors laid out their case against Dongfan "Greg" Chung, 73, in U.S. District Court in Santa Ana. The Chinese-born engineer has pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy, economic espionage, lying to federal agents, obstruction of justice and acting as a foreign agent.

The FBI has economic espionage has their #2 priority.

The Cold War is not over, it has merely moved into a new arena: the global marketplace. The FBI estimates that every year billions of U.S. dollars are lost to foreign competitors who deliberately target economic intelligence in flourishing U.S. industries and technologies, and who cull intelligence out of shelved technologies by exploiting open source and classified information known as trade secrets. Foreign competitors who criminally seek economic intelligence generally operate in three ways to create their spy networks:

  1. They aggressively target and recruit susceptible people (often from the same national background) working for U.S. companies and research institutions;
  2. They recruit people to locate economic intelligence through operations like bribery, discreet theft, dumpster diving (in search of discarded trade secrets), and wiretapping; and,
  3. They establish seemingly innocent business relationships between foreign companies and U.S. industries to gather economic intelligence including classified information.

There are various estimates of the economic losses, some as high as $330 Billion, but the more relevant aspect is these losses can also represent American jobs.

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I don't get it. I thought

I don't get it. I thought it was already the settled policy of our government, in the period during which Mr. Chung is alleged to have committed espionage, to facilitate the transfer of all our productive capacity and knowledge base to China and elsewhere. What could he have done that wasn't being done by all our CEOs and members of Congress anyway?

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Spot on!

You are absolutely spot on, of course! This is meant to confuse and bewilder us, naturally.

Several months ago, one evening on the way home, I noticed a woman in her early thirties reading The Economist. I inquired of her if she had ever bothered to verify any of the numbers she read in that publication (or Newsweek, Time, NY Times, and so on) and she though I was joking, as of course, she had never and would never check.

This AM, on NPR (totally corporate-controlled, of course, as are are the other foundation-sponsored "news" shows), there appeared an individual from a pro-immigration-total-amnesty non-profit (sponsored by all the major corps, of course) who proclaimed we didn't have enough unskilled and skilled people in the US of A!

Of course, it wasn't mentioned she had been a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, had been appointed to several positions by The Former Prez, George W. Bush, nor had written propaganda over at Newsweek, and so on.

With 50,000 foundations (many special purpose to skew the "news" - and not really serving any other purpose - although they always claim otherwise) to alter, misdirect and social engineer Americans, is it no wonder so many are so confused and bewildered. (And lest we forget: 35,000 lobbyists and only 5 media-controlling corporations.)

What was that term? One thousand points of confusion?

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