How’s That Paul Ryan Vote Working Out for You “Conservatives?”

Prior to and immediately following the vote for Paul Ryan (R-Chamber of Commerce) to be the new Speaker of the House, I went on an internet/social media rant fest decrying the shortsightedness of conservative House members, particularly members of the Freedom Caucus, who were willing to settle for Ryan, presumably for the sake of getting the Speaker selection over with. See here, here and here.

Had the Freedom Caucus held firm in mass (nine honorable exceptions did not vote for Ryan), they could have blocked his election. I realize that they didn’t have the votes to get their man, but they could have and should have blocked the particularly troublesome Ryan for someone less overtly noxious.

For those of us who recognized Ryan for what he is, an errand boy of the Establishment, the brief term of Speaker Ryan is already turning into a disaster. The Freedom Caucus can’t say that other patriots and I didn’t warn them.

This disaster is typified by three recent headlines. First Yahoo News informs us that “Paul Ryan Laughs at Trump’s Immigration (Deportation) Plan.” The smirk on Ryan’s face tells you all you need to know. Of course we all know Ryan is an enthusiastic supporter of amnesty, which should have been disqualifying right there, but rumor has it that he assured the Freedom Caucus that he would not move on immigration until Obama is out of office, but it’s easy to see where he is going to want to take the process once Obama is gone, and if Trump happens to win the Presidency, he can expect opposition to his deportation plan from the House Republican Establishment. I think Ryan needs to listen to Trump’s explanation of the word illegal.

Then, following the terrorist attacks in Paris, Breitbart reports that “Paul Ryan Informs Sean Hannity He Will Not Support Any Cuts to Muslim Immigration,” even adding the leftist PC formulation “That’s Not Who We Are.” Preventing Islamic terrorism here at home has always been an immigration issue first and foremost, not a bombing far off countries issue.

It would appear from these last two paragraphs that Ryan is opposed to common sense, because deporting illegal immigrants and restriction immigration to help prevent domestic terrorism are both entirely common sense positions. Is it simple-minded ideology or doing the bidding of his paymasters or both that prevents Ryan from employing his common sense?

And just in case there was any doubt, Breitbart now informs us “’The Ryan Charm’: Beltway Insiders’ Politico Praises New Speaker for Standing Up ‘to the Right Wing” for Obama.” Great! Ryan now even has the Politico seal of approval. How’s that Ryan vote working out for you now conservatives? 



Get Ryan out

Ryan needs to be voted out in the primary. Failing to get him out in the primary, you will have to get him out in the general election by voting for his Democratic opponent no matter how screwy his opponent is. Ryan can do a lot of damage as Speaker of the House.

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