PPI for October 2010

The Producer Price Index for finished goods increased 0.4% in October 2010. The PPI measures prices obtained for U.S. goods. Intermediate goods prices increased 1.2% and crude or raw materials prices went up 4.3%. PPI is often called wholesale inflation by the press.

The reason finished goods prices increased was all energy, up 3.7% in one month.



Core PPI or finished goods minus food and energy, decreased -0.6% for October 2010. In light trucks alone, prices dropped -4.3% and cars dropped -3.0%.



Below is Finished energy only for PPI to show the increase in prices. Gas increased 9.8% in one month.



Crude energy increased 5.4% in October and 80% of it was attributable to higher oil prices.

For the year, Finished goods PPI is up 4.3%, while core PPI, or minus food and energy is up 1.2%. Below is Finished goods PPI percent change for the year.



Below is the indexed price change for all commodities. Commodities are not limited to what comes from inside the United States.



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