Stand Up! Yell & Scream on Financial Reform

Now that the Senate Financial Reform Battle begins, one might start doing what Senator Bernie Sanders Suggests:

Stand Up! Yell & Scream!


More specifically, supposedly the deal is done on Financial Reform. Yet, here is a last ditch effort to get some amendments which could turn this to the people's side instead of a few mega Zombie Banks and investors.

Amendments to consider calling your Senator about:

  1. Sanders-Feingold-DeMint-Leahy-McCain-Vitter-Brownback Federal Reserve Transparency Amendment - This is the Audit the Fed amendment which passed in the house .
  2. Bernie Sanders wants to hard cap credit card interest rates at 15% - maybe something tied into overall CPI would work, but 30% on a credit card is pure loan sharking, the legal way.
  3. Senator Byron Dorgan wants to ban naked credit default swaps at the heart of the AIG payout.
  4. Senators Jeff Merkley and Carl Levin want to add the Volcker Rule, which is to separate completely commercial and investment banking.
  5. Senators Ted Kaufman and Sherrod Brown want to put a cap, relative to GDP on financial institution size
  6. Senator Jack Reed wants to make the Consumer Financial Protection Agency a truly independent body and not under the Federal Reserve, who clearly has botched consumer protection to date..
  7. Senators Maria Cantwell and John McCain want to reinstate Glass-Steagall.
  8. Senator Mark Pryor is introducing an amendment to regulate and monitor the credit rating agencies.

These are all great ideas, which in some form should be passed. Odds are deals have been made behind closed doors already, in spite of the claim Goldman Sachs lobbyists are shunned.

Therefore, in spite of losing on....(drum roll please) care/stimulus/job bill/TARP/trade/taxes/outsourcing/....the list as long as the distance from your tears to the ground....

Call Your Senators!

Demand they pass the above and no 60 vote excuse either.



folks, I know it's turning into all Goldman/Banking 24/7

and yes I know Tom, I owe some graphs, charts and digging in around some numbers. That said, this is what's up right now and frankly, it sounds like at least a few of these amendments could pass (assuming they kick out the financial sector lobbyists from D.C.)

Forgot to mention that, yeah, they are shunning the Goldman Sachs lobbyists but how about JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, even Warren Buffet and our never ending parade of hedge fund managers, who make Goldman Sachs arrogance look like the Amish plain and humble.

I'm in!

Vox Populi crys out for financial reform. Its about time. I'll round up some links with petitions.