Trade Deficit Pops Back Up, Increases 16.2% for January 2013

The U.S. January 2013 monthly trade deficit increased 16.2% to $44.45 billion after December's -20.9% trade deficit implosion.  This month is all about oil imports and we suspect Hurricane Sandy potentially affected imports in December and why the wild swings.  December had the lowest petroleum related imports since August 2009.

Trade Deficit Jumps 15.9% to $48.7 Billion for November 2012

The U.S. November 2012 monthly trade deficit increased by 15.85%. This is an increase of $6.667 billion to give a monthly trade deficit of $48.731 billion. November's U.S. exports increased $1.744 billion or 0.96%. Imports soared by $8.410 billion which is a 3.8% increase from last month. The three month moving average gives a trade deficit of $43.691 billion and a increase of $2.05 billion.

Trade Deficit Declines by -5.1% for September 2012

The U.S. September 2012 monthly trade deficit declined by -5.1%, or -$2.25 billion. August's trade deficit was revised down by -$427 million, which gives a 3.1% monthly increase instead of the originally reported 4.1%. While the press touts the lowest monthly trade deficit since December 2010, the reality is September gives the second largest China trade deficit in history.

Trade Deficit Increased 4.1% in August 2012

The U.S. August 2012 monthly trade deficit increased 4.1%, or $1.75 billion. July's trade deficit was revised upward by $462 million, which gives a 1.4% monthly increase for July's trade deficit instead of the reported no change. For August, exports decreased by -$1.91 billion, or -1.0%. Imports declined by -$845 million, or -0.4%.


PPI Jumps 1.1% Due to High Wholesale Gas Prices in September 2012

In September, Producer Price Index, or wholesale inflation, increased 1.1% for finished goods and is the 2nd month in row for a jump. August PPI increased 1.7%. Gasoline again is the cause, with prices surging 9.8%. Gasoline was the culprit for 80% of the energy index ballooning by 4.7%. Food also increased by 0.2%. Core PPI, which are finished goods minus food and energy prices, had no change for the month.

Trade Deficit No Change, Increased 0.25% for July 2012

The U.S. July 2012 monthly trade deficit was essentially unchanged, and increased 0.25%, or $103 million, from June to $42.002 billion. Exports decreased $1.81 billion, or -0.98%. Imports declined $1.81 billion, or -0.80%. June's trade deficit was revised from $42.924 billion to $41.899 billion.


Trade Deficit Drops -10.7% to $42.9 Billion for June 2012

The U.S. June 2012 monthly trade deficit declined $5.12 billion to $42.924 billion. This is a -10.66% monthly decrease in the trade deficit, mainly due to increased exports. Exports increased $1.666 billion, or +9.09%. Imports declined $3.454 billion, a -1.49% decrease from May and mainly due to lower crude oil prices. This is the smallest monthly trade deficit in 18 months.


Trade Deficit for May 2012 - $48.7 Billion

The U.S. May 2012 monthly trade deficit declined $1.91 billion to $48.68 billion. This is a 3.78% monthly decrease in the trade deficit, all due to reduced imports. Exports decreased $359 million, or -0.20%. Imports declined $1.55 billion, which is a -0.67% decrease from April. The decline in oil prices is the reason the trade deficit shrank for the month.