House Passes Paulson's Wall Street Bail Out

Due to the prophetic pontificatin', perks, pork and persuasion....

House Passes Paulson's Bail Out Plan

Now the question is will it do anything beyond hand over taxpayer money to Wall Street, delay the inevitable, exacerbate the real problems and dump this entire mess on the next administration. Personally I am just horrified how our Congress shoves this down the throat of the American people claiming it's for main street. Such a lie.

The vote tally was:

  • Democrats   Yea: 172
  • Democrats   Nay: 63
  • Republican  Yea:  91
  • Republican   Nay:  108

Total:   Yea: 263  Nay: 171

The market immediately declining....

How your representative voted.

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Anyone notice that the Press

before the bail out vote harped, pointed to, screamed about the Dow Jones dropping 777 points but when the market dropped 400 points when the bail out they did not mention it?

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Jack Bogle was on PBS NBR last Monday telling everyone to calm down - the world was not ending - overvalued stocks would correct, and bargain hunters would come in and bounce back- which is exactly what happened. One of the few voices of reason

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both of you I'm really now so sure, the DOW is already down 550 right now, Russia 20%....

assuredly there will be the dead cat bounce but....

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If you are searching for your bail out, read this

Because I am the administrator of this site, I see search words people use on the Internet. I am now seeing a flood of statistical sadness. People think the bail out bill helps them and they are searching the Internet high and low.

People, the bail out did not bail YOU out! It does NOT bail out homeowners or STOP FORECLOSURES!

Oh what a terrible web that corporate controlled media spin has wrought and now so many people run to the Internets, desperately searching trying to find their bail out...
which somehow they thought there were getting....

Folks, They bailed out the banks, not you!

My only hope is due to technology the reality, the truth of what just happened is realized by more people...

and local news organizations, spewing absolute spin and lies about this bill....they should be prosecuted for misinformation at this point!

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Brave New World?

That is true. This was a bailout of the banks in the hopes that the banks will loosen up their cash so the credit can flow again. What is to guarantee that will happen?

Anyway, I saw this on a blog post and it pretty much sums it up for me!

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