state unemployment map

State Employment Shows Static Scene for August

The August state employment statistics shows the unemployment situation for states and regions is little changed from July.  From July 18 states lost jobs while 32 states gained them.  The national unemployment rate was 5.1% and 29 states showed an unemployment decrease while in 10 states the unemployment rate went up.

State Unemployment and Payrolls for November 2012

The November state employment statistics show a drop in unemployment rates exceeding actual job growth. No state's unemployment rate increased for November. Only five states had no change in unemployment, 45 plus the District of Columbia showed declines. The November national unemployment rate was 7.7%.

State Unemployment and Payrolls for October 2012

The mantra for the October state employment statistics is little change from September. Over and over we see dropping unemployment rates yet too little significant growth in actual jobs. Only seven states had unemployment increases, six had no change and 35 plus the District of Columbia showed declines. Below is the BLS map of state's unemployment rates for October 2012.