Is Elliot Spitzer Channeling The Economic Populist?

One must wonder if Elliot Spitzer is an EP lurker. Today Spitzer wrote a column about how states are headed for disaster. The post has statistics which were outlined by manfrommiddletown a few days ago.

Or is it more many of us are astutely aware of coming implosions, trying to warn and show repeatedly, like some 3rd mind, a conscious social brain, all examining trends and data who end up screaming bloody murder in synchronous unison....
a glorified Cassandra group speak yelp spike?

Whatever the reason, one must congratulate manfrommmiddletown in writing such a relevant post, complete with maps and also be grateful Spitzer is emerging from his personal fallibility cave to come out with guns ablazin'.

Dem State Governors Want $1 Trillion in Aid

I remember when the Iraq war price tag, then $1 trillion made peoples eyes bug out.

Now we see almost every day, yet another trillion dollars is needed.

Here is the latest: Governors Seek $1 Trillion in Federal Aid Over 2 Years:

The money would finance schools, public works projects, social services and tax cuts for the middle class, according to an economic stimulus plan presented by the governors.

Gov. Deval L. Patrick of Massachusetts said, “We’re really talking about a bridge from where we are today to where we think the economy will be in two years’ time.” He spoke during a conference call in which he was joined by Mr. Paterson and the governors of New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin. All five men are Democrats.

22 States face Budget deficits in 2009

This one sure flew on by, I noticed only while reading a stock message board!

Center of Budget and Policy Priorities states:

At least twenty-five states, including several of the nation’s largest, face budget shortfalls in fiscal year 2009. Of these 25 states, specific estimates are available for 22 states and the District of Columbia; the combined deficits of these 22 states plus the District of Columbia are expected to total at least $39 billion for fiscal 2009 — which begins July 2008 in most states. Another 3 states expect budget problems in fiscal year 2010, although some of those gaps may occur earlier than expected. Many of the other states have not yet released information about their fiscal status.

How could they allow a glorified shell game via wall street on residential properties with these kinds of implications?