A New Kind of Illegal Alien - Mexico's Middle Class and Financial Elite

Look who is border hopping now. It's not your typical cheap labor, literally referred to as cargo by illegal employers and smugglers, but instead Mexico's middle class and well to do are taking that desert stroll:

As a drug war rages throughout Mexico and along its northern border, an increasing number of Mexicans are crossing into the United States to flee the killings, extortion and kidnappings that have plagued places like Juárez and Tijuana.

The escalating war near America's southern border is driving embattled Mexicans to seek safety in the United States. What if the tide of violence follows them?

Unlike the traditional job-seeking migrants, whose numbers have dropped in part due to the slumping US economy and increased border enforcement, this new migrant class comprises business owners, executives and other professionals who choose safety in the United States--even if it means detention--over freedom in their own country.

The drug war, which has claimed nearly 10,000 lives in a little more than two years-- more than 1,600 in Juárez in the last year alone--is a central component. But where most of those gruesome killings--including beheadings and mutilated bodies dumped in mass graves--involve criminals killing other criminals, rivals' family members or police, a dark, secondary shadow of lawlessness is enveloping innocent men, women and children who are fleeing for their lives.

Yet of course our lovely special interest agenda groups keep any real action from happening on the ever growing horror story of terrorist drug cartels South of the Border. Doesn't seem to matter that these very thugs operate in over 230 cities in the United States.

So, now Mexico is no longer just exporting it's excess unskilled labor, literally they are exporting their citizens who would be key players in turning Mexico's economy around....due to stark raving fear and running for their very lives.

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I got family down there

The criminal element targets the middle class and wealthy for kidnapping and such. Honestly, I feel for them, the horror stories I hear. Still, the border needs to be secured, otherwise you're gonna have almost a no-mans land between parts of the Southwest and northern Mexico.

truly scary shit, worse than Iraq in 2003....

We have corporate, special interests with their various politicians in place in this country it's just unreal how little action is going on with these cartels and especially the criminal element in the U.S.

Why not remove the criminal element, just like prohibition in the 1930's, is beyond stupid to me. Alcohol is clearly worst than Pot or at least the same and if they would just make it all legal, they would have this awesome cash crop and they could wipe out the Cartels in one fast shot.

That would be an awesome cash crop for Mexico too could generate jobs to keep people from border hopping and stop the violence.

They could also focus more on meth, cocaine and heroin which to me are so much more damaging.

But what I find astounding is we have more grizzly murders S. of the border than ever Iraq generated yet it barely gets a squeak in the press, never mind any military action.

I personally don't do any drugs but this is just insane.

Wasn't sure where I heard it

so forgive me if I don't credit it though I can honestly say I didn't come up with it, but I once heard that the main reason to keep the status quo was too many jobs and money tied to the current way.

Would this be like refugees

Would this be like refugees fleeing into Jordan/Syria...from Iraq, just after the war?

looks like

From the reports I've seen on Mexico as well as the border it's one bloody nasty war zone. Have you seen all of the beheading stories? I think on one they "rolled" someone's head into a crowded bar and they are putting "heads" on spikes too.

They are also targeting anyone with money for kidnappings, extortion, so that means anyone with a decent job or money.

A New Rendition of Prohibition Era?

Now that we're entering a slow scale break down...wherein flush jurisdictions are separated from from broker counties...who is likely to be the next Al Capone?

drugs, Inc.

I think that's what they are fighting about. The key is to get all of these little Als out of the murder and mayhem business. One way to do that is to simply legalize something and that makes competitors pop up all over the place, their entire business model, based on criminal underground networks collapse.