PPI - Wholesale Inflation Increases 0.8% for June 2013

The June Producer Price Index increased 0.8% for finished goods.  May PPI increased 0.5%, but April dropped -0.7%.  For the year PPI increased 2.5%.  This is the biggest annual increase since March 2012.   Gasoline again is the culprit, with wholesale prices surging 7.2%.  Core PPI, which is finished goods minus food and energy prices, increased 0.2% for the month.

CPI increased 0.6% for September 2012

The September Consumer Price Index increased 0.6% from August. The CPI measures inflation. This is the second month in a row for CPI to increase 0.6% and these jumps are the largest since June 2009. The reason again is gas with a 7.0% increase in the gasoline index for September and August's CPI jump was also caused by gas at the pump with a 9.0% increase in gasoline prices.

PPI Jumps 1.1% Due to High Wholesale Gas Prices in September 2012

In September, Producer Price Index, or wholesale inflation, increased 1.1% for finished goods and is the 2nd month in row for a jump. August PPI increased 1.7%. Gasoline again is the cause, with prices surging 9.8%. Gasoline was the culprit for 80% of the energy index ballooning by 4.7%. Food also increased by 0.2%. Core PPI, which are finished goods minus food and energy prices, had no change for the month.

Consumer Price Index Increases 0.6% for August 2012

The August Consumer Price Index, which measures inflation, increased 0.6% from July. This is the largest monthly increase since June 2009 and the reason for the jump is 80% gasoline prices. The CPI gasoline index increased a whopping 9.0% in a month. When removing food and energy inflation, of which gasoline is a part, core inflation increased 0.1% for August. Below is CPI's monthly percentage change.



CPI is up 1.7% from a year ago, shown in the below graph.


Wholesale Prices Jump 1.7% in August 2012

The Producer Price Index, or wholesale inflation, increased 1.7% in August 2012 for finished goods and is the largest monthly increase since June 2009. Energy alone ballooned by 6.4% with gasoline prices surging 13.6% in August. Food also jumped by 0.9%, the highest jump since November 2011. Core PPI, which is finished goods minus food and energy, increased 0.2% although July's core PPI increased by 0.4%.

CPI up 0.5% for July 2011

The July Consumer Price Index increased 0.5% from last month and half of it is gas, which increased 4.7% in a month. Core CPI, or price increases minus food and energy costs, rose 0.2%. Core CPI is a Federal Reserve inflation watch number. For the year, not seasonally adjusted, the Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers (CPI-U) has risen 3.6%. In May CPI dropped by -0.2%.


PPI for May 2011

The Producer Price Index for finished goods increased 0.2% in May 2011. The PPI measures prices obtained for U.S. goods. Intermediate goods prices increased 0.9% and crude or raw materials prices dropped -4.1%. PPI is often called wholesale inflation by the press. This worries Wall Street: